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This site is full of great ideas and tips to help you plan your wedding. Look out for the free downloads, including a venue comparison checklist, playlist for an evening disco and a budget spreadsheet, which you can customise for your own use.

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When my fiancé and I got engaged 18 months ago I knew two things - firstly that I loved him, and secondly that I wanted the ‘perfect’ wedding.

What did this ‘perfect wedding’ look like? How much would it all cost? Who would pay for what?

I started to hear stories from friends and colleagues about the stress of arranging a wedding, about costs spiralling out of control and families falling out, I even heard about a bride & groom who were not talking to each other on the big day! It wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted the perfect wedding, but I didn’t want the stress and I didn’t want any falling out.

I decided to enlist the help of my mum (a great organiser) to see if it was possible that between us we could arrange my big day without too much stress. We talked through all the possible pitfalls we could think of and set a plan in motion. Along the way we got advice from others and modified our plan if necessary. We made spreadsheets, templates and forms to keep track of what we were doing.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get tearful or stressed a couple of times along the way, but there were no major fall-outs, no surprises over costs, and no disasters on the big day. My wedding day was absolutely perfect – it went like a dream.

Now that the wedding is over it seemed a shame just to let all the hard work go to waste, so we thought we would create this website so we can share our experience with you.

This is our wedding gift to you – We hope you have a perfect day.